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JKHVAC Consultant is a leading HVAC Company of J&K. We do HVAC Consultancy & Design as per ASHRAE guidelines to deliver projects as a result of our detailed and fine engineering. All our HVAC Consultants are expert, professional and certified with experience. We are technically very competent to design any kind of project where conditions are different from nominal human comfort air conditioning.

Please check some of the highlights of our HVAC Consultancy job.

Building Survey & Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are preliminary studies undertaken in the very early stage of a project. The purpose of the Feasibility Study is to collect the required input details from the client to do our load calculations.

Concept Design Submittal (Design Basis Report)

We will prepare and submit a report of findings with options considered evaluation criteria, and recommendations. And we will submit the Design basis report that will contain all load calculation reports, System selections, Advantages of the proposed system, Energy savings through innovative design implementation of new technologies, Energy analysis & cost analysis.

Budgetary Proposal

Approximate budget estimation of the proposed project which helps the client to make their project budget.

Detail Design Development

A detail design document will contain the final design basis report and final design drawings as follows:

1- Heating and Cooling Load Calculations:

Performing heating and cooling load calculations for all conditioned building spaces to determine the zones and capacity of the new heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Calculations will be based on: conduction and convection heat transmission, air ventilation and infiltration, solar heat gain, maximum anticipated staff and public occupancy, existing and future equipment, machines, appliances, and other internal building heat sources. Identify and locate all of the equipment, machines, appliances, and other similar internal building heat sources on the floor plans of the building. Include their BTU ratings so they can be used for the heating and cooling load calculations and future air conditioning system balancing.

2- HVAC Systems selections:

The HVAC Design will comply with all applicable codes and provide a design for the air conditioning, ventilation, and controls, considering efficiencies, life cycle operating and maintenance costs, energy rebates and/or grants, costs and schedules, etc. Includes all equipment’s schedules on the drawings indicating the air conditioning equipment’s by symbol designation, name and estimated size or capacity in TR/BTU, GPM, gallons, etc. Include ventilation schedules for all building spaces. Indicate the location of all air conditioning equipment, all major piping, and all duct runs in the mechanical room and floors of the building.

3- Duct Layout/Plant Layout

The layout will be designed in such a way for maximum air distribution. We will provide a design that includes plenums, ductwork, blowers, registers, grills, diffusers, dampers, volume adjustment devices, controls, etc. And will provide for proper outside air ventilation and air change quantities for the building.

4- Preparation of Bill of Quantities

The final bill of quantity will contain the list of items in the project and their quantity as per the final design drawings.

5- Preparation of Material Specification

The material specification will contain the required detail of a material/equipment by the design, construction and performance of all listed items in BOQ.

6- Preparation of Tender Document

The tender document is the final document issued to the specified contractor which contains all below three documents

  • Tender Drawings
  • Tender Bill of quantity
  • Tender specification (will contain the scope of work, approved makes and material specification)

7- Approval of all Data Sheets & Technical submittal

Verification of contractor construction document (like equipment technical data sheet, GA drawings, equipment performance curve) and construction drawings and approving the same.

8- Construction and Commissioning Management

Verification of project schedule, an inspection of supplied equipment, inspection of work quality and final verification of equipment commissioning report and approving the same.

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